JavaScript Design Patterns: 20 Patterns for Expert Code

Here is an excellent resource for anyone looking to write better code. I strongly feel like this should be a MUST DO series for everyone out there who is stuck when it comes to starting out their projects.

Starting a new project from scratch can be extremely daunting, especially if you don’t know how to structure your code. I can’t believe I made it so far through my front end course without even learning a single pattern. I would always just code as I went, using the little judgement I had about what piece of code should come next. However, I would always run into road blocks and a ton of bugs would always arise… Not anymore, this course has completely changed my whole mindset!

This Udemy course will show you a great range of design patterns to help kick start your project and will definitely help you refactor your old projects. It is extremely well presented and easy to understand and it comes with all the working examples so you can pick through each pattern.

This course has truly opened my eyes to the world of “proper” programming and how to logically structure your code to ensure that bugs and possible code gotchas, hacks and other mishaps will be drastically reduced.

A great resource, and it was free when I bought it, but sometimes it might cost you around $15 :smile:

am i missing something its looks like $14 not Free :frowning:

I have to concur with @mones-cse, it looks to be $14. Is there a coupon that you forgot to mention?


woops, sorry. that’s odd. I swear I got it for free just the other day…

Anyway, 14 bucks is still good value :slight_smile:

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It used to be free couple days ago. I am glad I got it then!

I haven’t checked it out yet but you peaked my curiosity :slight_smile:

Cool, yeah give it a watch when you have the time :slight_smile: