Intermediate to advance javascript tutorial resources needed

I’m sure most of us have go through Free Code Camp front end have good grasp of javascript syntaxes and features of the language to the point we can finish several projects. However, I wonder if anyone of you find that your code structure could be better/more abstract based on more advance programming pattern such as Object-oriented (class), Higher-order function, modular and other pattern. You can find more javascript design pattern here.

Reading books and article about these concept doesn’t click with me, I couldn’t find a way to incorporate it to my current knowledge. Basically just reading theory without practical step-by-step example doesn’t work with me.

If anyone have tutorial teaching this concept going through projects and better yet with video instruction, please share with us here. There are many beginner tutorial teaching syntaxes and concept but I haven’t found one that teaching how to think on code structure.

It’s like we are learning new foreign language, learn the words, learn grammar, but never taught how to create paragraph structure, how to write a report, essay and other type of writings. Sure the way of writing depends one each person, but I hope to find more tutorial teaching me how to think and structure my writing - in this case, code.

For those who have pass this hurdle, please share how you get to more advance programming mindset, the exercise you do, any resources.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Bump, I am also interested in this.