Is this snippet of code always gonna print the statement of the else block

let bank_balance = 500;
let price = 120.36;
let accesories_price = 65.50;
let tax_rate = 0.08;
let spending_threshold = 300;
let ammount = 0;

function add_tax(ammount){
    return ammount += ammount * tax_rate;

function formatting(ammount){
    return `$${ammount.toFixed(2)}`;

while(ammount < bank_balance){
    // buy a phone !!
    ammount += price;
    if(ammount < spending_threshold){
        ammount += accesories_price;

if(add_tax(ammount) < bank_balance) 
    console.log(`Your purchase: ${formatting(add_tax(ammount))}`);
    console.log('Sorry! you cant afford');

I think it might be very usseful for you to use the tool bellow:

Also the answer is simply no it returns the else statment because, certain conditions are compared into your code and as it runs through it.

See for example this line
< means lesser then

while(ammount < bank_balance)

it compares the ammount to the bank balance

I know about the conditional statement but I think this code is never gonna execute anything without “Sorry! You cant afford” because i think there is some slight mistake in the logic