.ajax error on else statement

I have an error at the else statement

I did not include all of the code because I am working in notepad++.

I am not sure about the statement ends. I normally work in Notepad++ because I can double click to see where the section ends.

From what I can see, your else block is outside of your success function, rather than just after your if block.

lol got it working now to try explain …

  1. added a closing } on line 16 for function renderAllStreamers
  2. removed a } on line 35 (you had two closing brackets for if)
    3 removed a } on line 61 as it was in wrong spot … and added a } after line 59
    your web page then worked for me

I added in your changes but still could not get it to work.can you send me your file? Thanks again for your help.

Thanks JavaTheNut I will take a look at it.

Here you go … http://codepen.io/emilyadam/pen/LbMeMB?editors=0010

Thank you so much! The end of statements are giving me the most problem. I copy the code ti a JS validator which works sometimes.Thanks again,