Is this worth it ? PHP GAME

Hey I just found my old Laravel project which is actualy a game. I did not finished to the end but I found it really satisfying, and I thinking re-programm it using NodeJS. I started making it almost two years ago. This is some screenshots:

This is the index screen when u logged in to the game:

This is the arena page where all online users are showing. You can select any and fight them, also before that see what level they’re and what their inventory looks like:

This is a fight screen. The HP is lowering in real time no page refresh. After win you get gold and exp. Then you can upgrade your character.

This is the screen when u just want to watch another players characters.

Also in this game are also items shop. What do you thinking about it ? Any opinion appreciated. Is it worth to finished it using NodeJS ?

Of course, writing the same program in different language will always give you experience and expertise in the other language.

Hey MadIce,
The game looks really cool! I haven’t done any game creation for games as complicated as yours so I don’t have a sense for how much work this would be.

My only thoughts, as someone who doesn’t know how easy or hard the project would be, are as follows.

a) - There is no shame in not doing everything you might want to. We all have projects we aspire to complete that we never will.

b) - Why do you want to re-program it with NodeJS? What will you not do if you do decide to do this? Which excites you more?

c)- Would it make more sense to finish the game as is in Laravel? While NodeJS is new and trendy, Laravel is still a valid choice. I know this may not be a factor for you necessarily, but I see a lot more jobs in my area for PHP/Laravel Devs than I do for NodeJS.

I hope this helps!

d) - I sound like I hate NodeJS. I can’t wait to start working with Node! If Node is exciting to you then do it!

I don’t really have anything to say in regards to the post but was curious if you achieve being able to make something like this learning from FCC?