Is web development the right path for me?

My goal is to get a job as a coder. I am new to freecodecamp but i have experience making games in unity with C# and also with javascript but I don’t want to work in the video game industry. I think doing freecodecamp will be a good path for me to get a job. My problem though is that i really don’t like any sort of design. I don’t like html/css. I don’t like making things look pretty and aligning them. I am mostly interested in javascript. I have started the first two projects of making a portfolio page and the tribute page and those are so boring to me since all of it is not even real coding. Is this the right path for me or should i look into something else in the computer science field rather than web development

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If you don’t like design, you could always go for Backend Web development. Node.js is javascript for servers so you can look at that.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you have an interest in it. Don’t do something just so that you’d get a job doing something you’d hate.

thanks! I really just dislike css/html. I like coding in pretty much any other language. I just don’t want any more than 5 to 10% of my work to be involved with css and html. Should i still continue with freecodecamp then?

if you want you can but just do the backend section and then decide

Well if you want to stay with C# is Microsoft’s solution for web development on the back end but last I checked even they were recommending jQuery and Angular.js for front end. So freeCodeCamp could teach you useful skills even if you don’t want to make it your main focus.

I share your distaste for design (or maybe I’m just not very good at it :wink: It is possible to get jobs which are solely “real” coding but understanding design principles is still something you should know IMO.

id just like to point out too, that you dont need to put any effort at all into making things look pretty… the HTML, CSS portion of the course is incredibly small… the only purpose really is as a platform for your JavaScript functions to work. Some people put a lot of time into the design to make it look nice, others dont at all cause they could care less and more focused on the code itself.

So dont look at the first few lessons / first 2 projects and fear that this is a design course, its not. As for whether or not web dev is the right path for you, its hard to say when you havnt yet gotten to the heart of the course to know if you enjoy JavaScript or not… You could take your skills into a bigger company where they dont want you to have a broad range of skills, but to work on one thing and do it well…in a company like that, you can code without any worry anyone will ask you to touch the front end. Theres also software development too, though honestly, theres no difference really in the languages you will need to learn, mostly its in the environment you will be using those skills.

My suggestion would be to give JavaScript a shot before you give up because of the HTML portion…Java, Python are also good, and if you want to go for something lower level, C/C++ or C# are other paths you can take too. But regardless of which path you take, at least try to get through the introductory phase and into the heart of the langauge before you give up cause you might miss out on finding out for yourself what you do and dont enjoy to help you choose the path youd like to be on.

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That was really helpful, thanks. I do enjoy javascript because i learned some of it before already. What i mean is could i still be a good in demand web developer with only basic html/css skills or without the ability to make things look pretty. I would much rather code something ugly and functional and have someone else make it look pretty. Would it be tough to find a job not being good with design?

If design is the issue - remember in a job you’ll be working with a team of people - some of you will have better skills in design - others may be skilled with backend logic - though I’d recommend working towards a backend development job.

In my view, it is not very realistic to expect the other devs on your team to write all the project’s CSS while you only do Javascript. HTML and CSS are such big parts of front end web development that you might be happier working as a back end developer.

While Node.js is awesome, I believe that C# is still more commonly used as a backend language (I’d encourage you to do some research on your area though) so you may have more luck focusing on that if you want to attract employers.