Issue on run js on vs code

Hello I have an issue with running .js file on vs code. I already installed node js but when I try to run it shows message in the picture so what I need to do to fix the issue?

Hello there,

There are two things you should note about local development with JavaScript:

  1. Computers, by themselves, do not know what to do with JS. Browsers get shipped with the tools to interpret JS (eg. Chrome uses the V8 Engine). So, if you have not already, you will need to download Node
  2. Now, you need to tell your computer how it can interpret JS files. To do this, you would use a command like: node index.js
    node is a command, and the next argument can be the file you want to run. For more information, I would do some searching on the web/YouTube.

I hope this helps.


For just playing around and testing JS, I would also suggest you check out the Quokka.js extension for VS Code.

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I already install node.js. I use Quokka.js instead.

I’ve installed it. Thank you.