Issue Tracker 'All 14 functional tests are complete and passing.' not passing

Hi, I am having issue with the last test which isnt passing on the fcc submission page. I don’t know how to debug the fcc’s way of testing the functional tests to see where exactly the issue is. Could you please help me point out where the issue is or help me debug the code so that I can find where the issue could be…


@Sky020 please help… your expertise is needed i have been stuck on this for the entire day and i dont know what to do

Hey there,

I will walk through how I typically debug. Not all the steps are necessary, but this is the order I would try them in:

  1. Submit your app, and look for errors on the console:

  2. Look in your code, if there is at least one assertion in every single test (make sure there is no accidental early-leave condition where an assertion does not get run).

  3. Look at the network requests tab for information about the requests (what the tests are sending to your app):

  4. Notice: Tests 6-13 have no assertions… look in your code why.

  5. Look at the GitHub challenge file to see where the tests are written.

  6. Look in the boilerplate files to see how the tests are built, executed, and sent back.

  7. Build a local instance of freeCodeCamp, and submit your tests on that instance - this will allow you to put debugging code in the tests/challenge file, and get more information.

Hope this helps

Hey @Sky020 thanks very much for your reply. I tried performing steps 1 and 3 however I dont see anything on either the console or the network requests tab. My app was live and all I did was submit my app on fcc’s page but I dont see anything on the tab/console. Am I missing any step if you could please advice how did you perform those steps

Nothing special. Just open the devtools, and submit the app.

Hey @Sky020 , I passed the tests by replacing ‘expect’ to ‘assert’ in all my functional tests. However I am still stuck at 1st & 3rd debug steps. Is there a specific setting that I need to do in my browser coz I really cant see anything in console and networks tab when I submit my live app.

I have not changed any settings. Which browser are you using?

Using chrome at the moment, the issue happens on local env and repl both @Sky020

Strange. Are you able to share a few screenshots?

yeah sure… ill do that…

This is literally the repl live app after submitting the tests… no movement whatsoever @Sky020

You need to look at the tests. So, the console on

Hope this clarifies

whoaaa omg i feel so dumb lol… thanks very much…

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