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Project is keep crashing, passed api.js test, on console log passed the functional test but not in FCC because of the timeout?? or because the website is keep crashing ?? or because am missing something??? please kindly I need a help if any - https://boilerplate-project-issuetracker.sofyroble.repl.co

thank you

mind to share source code here?

thank you for the reply

Unable to browse. Perhaps github link ?

I have to fix before posting in github, code is too long to post here any other solution?

I’ve seen other sharing source code using github for troubleshooting. :grinning:

then I will post it,

GitHub - sofiaroble/boilerplate-project-issuetracker. I am exhausted and I appreciated anybody help. Thank you in advance.

if disable the the Functional test and submit to solution link. Looks ok. Your logic is alright.

Maybe it is the 2_functional_test.js issue.

But i could not verify, because you hardcode the verification using the unique _id returned from mongoDB, which is definitely different from my mongoDB _id value.

can you try to use my hard code with you data from mongo DB to see if the functional test works and please also check if there is any error in my setup codes, it only take one misstep, if I can only figure it out website crash the test will pass as I just did again, thank you.

Run locally and I passed all still can submit, this is my screen shot

Thank you for trying, appreciated.

Not sure how submit with “localhost:3000” will work there…

In case someone need to verify your project in future, will that link working?

This beyond my knowledge, might need some pro’s assistance

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