Issue with CSS on replit

Every time I try to use style.css on replit to adjust the format of my site, no change is being observed. Because of that, I have to include the updated format by using in the HTML section. How do I get to make CSS work on replit? Is it because I am using the free version?

Update: I have tried running my code on codepenio and it seems to be working overther. I will keep on working on my code over there but I still would like to know how to adress the issue I am having on replit.

Post a link to your Replit.

Are you sure you are linking to the CSS file correctly in the HTML?
Is it just an HTML/CSS/JS page or what?

here is the link Tributepage2.0 - Replit

tbh I have no idea how I would know if I am inking it correctly or not

HI @ericmwmz !

When you are building out html pages, you have to link your external css sheet to it.
Here is a really good article to show you how to do that.

Once you have done that, then you will see your css applied to the page.

When you are working with a pen in codepen, they have already broken up the html, css and javascript sections for you.
So that is why you can just get started writing html in the html section and css in the css section and everything will be working.

Using codepen is great when you are first starting out because you will see results very quickly.
But the pen editor does not simulate how you would build a page in real life.

The replit editor represents how to build out pages in a standard code editor.
Whenever you want to use css or javascript, you have to link those files in your html.

Hopefully that article I sent you will help you understand how to solve the problem.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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