Issue with relational database course


I am stuck at one of the codeRoad tutorials " Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database". The task is to create a table and display it using \d command. When I click “Run” after displaying tables in the terminal the system gives me this error “You should list the databases”. When I list the databases using \l the run command gives me this error “You should display the tables with suggested command”. There is no way to move forward. I appreciate any help on this topic.

Link to the tutorial:

Update: I tried resetting the whole tutorial and I am still stuck with the same problem


Same issue here :wave:
Screenshot :point_down: :framed_picture:

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I found a hard reset option by going to

From there go to your challenges, and then delete the tutorial, ‘learn-relational-databases-by-building-a-mario-database’.

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