Issue with window.confirm() in Firefox

This is driving me crazy. :disappointed: I’m running Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) on Windows 10. Regardless of whether I click “OK” or “Cancel” on a popup confirmation dialog, the function always returns false. It works fine in Chrome, however.

If you’re running Firefox, please test the following line in your console and let me know the result:

console.log(window.confirm() ? 'OK' : 'Cancel');

If anyone knows why this is, please enlighten me!

EDIT: It works properly in Firefox on OSX 10.12, but not on Windows.
EDIT: This may be a Vue.js issue. Is anyone aware of Vue overwriting the built-in confirm() function?


Works fine. I’m also using the same version of Firefox, though not on Windows 10.

EDIT. Just for kicks, I also added Vue (via, and I still got the correct values (both with confirm() and window.confirm()).

This is what I get if I run it on Firefox 55.0.3 (Windows 10 - 64bit):

Which is the same result I get on Chrome. I don’t use Vue.js so I can’t help with your last question, unfortunately.

Edit: Woops. I was a bit too late.