Issues getting the Security assignments to pass tests

Hey guys, so I am currently going through all the security assignments, using helmet, bcrypt, and then also the assert assignments and such… and i feel like im doing exactly as the documentation states, im going through and observing other peoples projects to compare if there might be something im missing or something, and i dont seem to see anything i might be doing wrong… but at the same time, this whole section is absolutely new to me, so i am worrying that i may be wrong… but i do see that there are several other people who have commented that they had trouble passing it, until they came back to it later, and then it works without any new changes… so is there an issue happening there? am i just crazy? lol

expected [] to include ‘hidePoweredBy’ is the error im getting on that one

now its saying “expected express not to equal express” ----- even though im setting it to php 4.2.0

can you let me know which assignment in particular are you trying? and getting the errors?

its the assignments for the security things, like helmet, and bcrypt, and so on… i mean i did figure something out, and got most of those to pass, because i had accidentally edited server.js, instead of myapp.js… but theres still lots that are not passing, even when i probably am… like it doesnt pass the “you must require this appropriately” but it passes in other lessons… so i dont even know right now… i skipped on to the projects cause the lessons were making me frustrated lol

information security with helmet.js ----- most of them i got to pass…but a few of them still wont pass…

I’ve run into the issue as well.

From another thread they said they got it working by refreshing the live page and this worked for me.

its still not working for me in the lessons… however, im doing my projects now, and the way ive got it set up, its workiing as intended, and my requests hide express, so idk whats wrong with that lessons’ tester thing but hey, im confident i still got it right…

I resolved the problem by refreshing the test page(where you submit your glitch url for testing ) and my mine started working. You can also troubleshoot by going to developer console if you are using chrome-this will enable you see what is being sent in the ‘x-powered-by’ response header. This will also help you know whether the problem is from your side or not.