Issues loading image on tribute page

Hey guys,

So im having issues with my tribute page and im trying to load an image. Ive tried even another image and still have the same problem. Ive even tried the path way that i was given using my mac and even the url of the link i had for the image. Can someone please help me with this, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance

heres my link

Your link is not to an image, but it is to the Google search results.

You can find the correct link image by:

  1. Right click in the image and open image in a new tab
  2. Click in the view image button in the google page

In this case, you should replace your link for this one:,_Tesla_Factory,Fremont(CA,USA)(8765031426).jpg/307px-Elon_Musk,_Tesla_Factory,Fremont(CA,USA)(8765031426).jpg


Best post ever. thanks a lot man I appreciate this. For some reason, I could not find the solution to this issue Ive been having for days.