Issues with height/scroll on fixed element (Technical documentation )

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this:
I’m currently working on technical documentation website and I passed all my tasks, however I ran into an issue with my navbar. The example has a scrollbar accompanying the list items, and it’s responsive to the viewport height :
After some googling I managed to find how to add the scrollbar, however it’s completely unresponsive, even on overflow-y: auto; (see picture) (I know my navbar is technically shorter than the example on FCC hence it doesn’t allow scrolling since it’s not necessary on full height display).

However when I minimise the height the scrollbar wouldn’t readjust itself (and become functional) to the viewport height (I hope it makes sense what I’m trying to explain).
I even tried copy pasting the example code and it didn’t work, so I have a feeling I’m missing something small. :exploding_head:
Would anyone be kind enough to have a look and help or redirect me? Thank you.

(P.S. Don’t mind the color and borders-they’re just there to help me visualise the display changes for now) :sweat_smile:

Hello @kriszte,
giving your box-1 an overflow:auto and removing your overflow-y:scroll, would work!
.box-1{ overflow:auto; }

Yattaaaa!!! It worked! Thank you very much, apparently I was assigning it to the wrong element!

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