Issues with my first project

Please can some give me a head start, when i fork from freecodecamp, i get this message on the HTML editor on codepen that the test works on chrome.

But when i use chrome, the codepen is just blank and nothing seem to be working.

please what do i do, am just confused on how to go about my first project.


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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hey @kingsleygeorge123!
Welcome to FCC Forum.

Please detail your question.

Codepen is just blank when I try using chrome. Is there something I disabled or is it that my chrome needs an upgrade?


Maybe. Use some other browser. or disable extensions and ab blocker.

Thank you.

But is it possible to code my project with my VS code editor?

If yes, what do I do thereafter.

Yes. You can. after finished, the coding put the code in CodePen or any other.

why my project don’t pass the test while i write all the elements in correct order.
kindly help me with this sir

there should be an hamburgwr menu in tbe top left corner, if you click on it the test suite should expand