It opens live server in Visual Code Studio but it show just some symbols

I open visual studio code, make a new file, save it named as index.html, type: “!” and press TAB so it writes some HTML automatically, then I type Hello World inside body element and save all of that. When I open that code in the live server it opens my default browser and there is no nothing except some symbols, I tried restarting Visual studio code, manually opening Vs code, changing the default browser, setting the browser nothing helps, here is a print screen of what I see when open live server,

That’s a directory view, can you click on the / and see if it opens your index file?

it doesn’t
I make nothing else other than press “!” and TAB in Studio Code and run it, it should load blank page and when I make h1 element inside body element it makes same symbols like I didn’t make h1 element

Show screenshot of vs code with the folder structure open

VS code is opened from the C have to open it from the VisualStudioCode folder, you can do it by write clicking on the blank space in the folder in filemanager and choose open with vs code

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thanks man, really appreciate this, problem solved

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