It's python for loop is not working pls tell me what's wrong in it

list_d = ["Mic", "Phone", 323.12, 3123.123, "Justin", "Bag", "Cliff Bars", 134]

def prase_list_it(xyz):
    for i in xyz:
        if isinstance(i,float) or isinstance(i,int):
        elif isinstance(i,str):
        return b,a

print( prase_list_it(list_d))

([‘Mic’], )

------OUTPUT Wanted
([‘Mic’, ‘Phone’, ‘Justin’, ‘Bag’, ‘Cliff Bars’], [323.12, 3123.123, 134])

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The way your code is currently written, you return b,a inside the for loop. You need to move it to outside the for loop.

If you know in advance that the list will ONLY consist of strings and numbers, then the following would work:

def prase_list_it(xyz):
  a = []; b = []
  for i in xyz:
    a.append(i) if not isinstance(i,str) else b.append(i)
  return b,a

Thanks :grinning:

It’s great help