I've finished the JS Basic in one week ?!

Okay so I’ve started the JS Basic courses 1 week ago and i just finished it like today, I was not checking solutions for the challenges I litteraly was struggling for entire days to understand some topics like Recursion for example and I was exploding of joy when I found the solutions by myself…
Is it cool to pass a day on one single challenge ?
And is it cool to finish this first course that fast ?

There really not set time frame for a person to finish. Everyone learns at different speeds. Some pick up on it pretty quickly, and others have to spend more time on the lessons. As long as you understand what you are doing then I say keep moving forward. When you get into the more advanced of areas of JavaScript it will take more time to really understand it. So, dont feel discouraged if you find yourself having to take more time.

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It all depends on what your background is. If you have been coding for a year or two, 1 week is probably about right for the first JS cert. If you have never coded before, then 1 week is way too fast. You learn less by rushing, not more.

Learning how to code is hard and it takes time. There isn’t a magic cheat code to make it take less time.

Thanks for the advice
I will keep it in mind

I learned JS once but it was only for a school project, so I had to finish it quickly.
I started programmation with the C language sometimes i feel like it helps me a lot with JS

C is a distant grandfather of Javascript, so experience with C helps. The hard part of knowing your first programming language isn’t the syntax, it’s learning how to design and implement solutions. That takes time. If you have experience coding, then the rest is mostly learning how solutions translate into code for the target language.

You are definetely right !

This is one of the joys of doing something that is self-paced. The speed that you finish it is determined by the amount of time you spend on the content. I assume you spent quite a bit of your free time on the content to complete it in a week, which explains why you finished it rather quickly.

Is it normal? Absolutely. Just make sure you retain the content. Since it’s self-paced, it shouldn’t be a race to finish it quick, but rather finish it while retaining as much of it as possible.

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Facts, I spent all my free time on it.
But I loved doing it.

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