Holy crap JavaScript is hard

Ohhh man, im 70% through basic javascript and for the past 20 or so lessons, atleast half or more iv had to get help and look at the video tutorial. I wen’t though the whole responsive web design certification course with less brain ache than the FIRST UNIT of JavaScript Algorythims and Data Structures. Am I doomed if I finish the first unit without really understanding some of it, or will I pick up on what im missing in the research I have to do to complete future projects?

Also, I did already have some knowledge of html/css so it was for sure easier to jump into the first course but still, I feel like my brain is just rejecting to understand javascript syntax lol


It’s not a big deal to look at the help sections. Even if I got it right I would still look at the help sections to try to teach me more about the stuff.

One practice that really helped me learn was to redo the lessons I did the day before if I had to look at the help code for it. That way I would get practice trying to solve it without looking at the solution.

Stick with it. It will be hard for about a month or two but then it will all start to come together and you will get “Oh ya that’s right” moments more and more as the language starts to make more sense and you get reminded of consistent stuff.

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yeah bro, I’m struggling… JavaScript is hard.

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Just keep sucking at it and before you know it, youll be showing others how to overcome issues!

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I felt similar. Remember that the languages and what you do with them gets increasingly complex …

HTML => add structure to content
CSS => “property: value”, “property: value”, “property: value” … ∞
JS => “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” Jeff Atwood

Don’t be too hard on yourself, keep practicing consistently and things do eventually get easier.


if (trueism === true) {
  // a bigger challenge comes about

And you feel like a :monkey: again :sweat_smile: