JavaScript is so difficult

JavaScript seems to be so difficult. Please can i find a study mate here? I Wonder if i will ever go through.


It is difficult. Don’t take it personally - it’s just hard. The good news is that you have thousands of companions here on the forum who are working through it too.


Ahhhh, I remember my first time learning some of the programming concepts… Those more advanced than html and css…

I was COMPLETELY lost. I was so lost I wanted to cry.
Things didn’t make sense, i undertood one line out of 10, and had no idea how/where to look for answers.
What was even worse - even if I got answers, they were too difficult for me to understand!

After a few weeks (months? can’t remember), something ‘clicked’.
It was like: “Oh I get it, if this goes here, then that goes there, then this will work…”
Then next day another thing, then another…

Don’t be discouraged, keep falling forward.
Even if you fail, you will understand a tiny, tiny thing, that is a start.
Then you will understand another tiny thing, then another…

I’m afraid most programmers need to go through that.
What’s worse (better ?) - this never ends.
People that are working for X years in the industry still thinks they are newbies.

We all are. :wink:
fast edit
I am by no means a good programmer, I am a fellow journeyman/hobbyist.


Thank you so much. This is something i will have to print in my mind all along.

My advice is to take your time with javascript.
I spent a few months with javascript before moving onto the front end certification because I knew that having a firm foundation in javascript is important for web development.

And I am so glad that I did.

Take your time with the certification course.
Build small projects on the side.
Do coding challenges and things will start to click better.


i really hope i will finish in a year’s time. I mean all the things in free code camp. I want to learn all of them.

I like your enthusiasm to learn.
Including, the javascript section that would be a total of 9 certifications.

Is is possible to do all 9 certifications in a year.

But you have to remember the real goal is building the foundation.
If you need to take more time with a section then take more time.

I have seen a lot of people blow through the curriculum for the sake of collecting certification but their foundation is rocky. And they realize they have to go back and review a lot of the basics.

I think it is a good goal. But also be prepared to be flexible with it as well. :grinning:


Then i will focus on javaScript and front end for a start.

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JavaScript is easy. I am also In JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures it’s fun learning JavaScript. Lot of people think it is hard but it’s easy. I am in ES6 Now.
JavaScript Improves your Math skills too. So, Learn JavaScript

Hi @nikhilreddy.manda !

It is great that you are enjoying javascript but I don’t think it is the healthiest of approaches to claim that something is easy just because it applies to your situation.

Everyone learns differently, and it is fine if someone takes longer to absorb the material than others.

Also, you heard from a professional senior developer admitting that Javascript is hard.

Happy coding!

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Yes, Of course You are Right @jwilkins.oboe

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doesn’t seem so for me. how do you find it easy. what method are you using?

there is not necessarily a method, it may be a particular background that makes it easier, also some people just find some things easy.

if you find it hard, you are advantaged in a sense - people that find things easy tend to stop at first difficulty - if you find stuff hard but keep at it, when you find difficulties on the road you keep going because you already know that hard stuff can be conquered with grith patience and the right study material

(I am one of those that find some things really easy, but loose interest soon if there is some difficulties involved)


There are some friends who can help


In case if you get any doubts in coding you can clarify them in these websites. I am also using these website to clarify my doubts

i will try that thank you

Something that’s really important for us to remember is that learning is not a straight path. Every person will have hills and valleys in their journey. Those steep grades will be in different places for all of us.

We don’t want to be unkind to each other OR OURSELVES based on what we had already learned before we started.


Yep. Coding is hard. It takes work and practice to get good at it. But we’re here to help.


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