I’m feeling frustrated in my JavaScript learning

I’m feeling frustrated by myself, it seems JavaScript is really difficult. HTML and CSS was pretty easy for me. But JavaScript is being a great struggle for me, I’m almost rely on answers and then I get back to the previous challenges to try figure out what is the main purpose of each challenge. I’m feeling stuck in JavaScript although I’m in ES6. Have you gone through this before?


if you have no previous programming knowledge, it is normal that it is not easy… do not feel discouraged… it is not bad that you need to look at the solution, just make sure that after you see it you understand it. feel free to ask question on the forum if you do not understand why some code is correct. Or there are plenty of free videos that might help you understand some patterns.
You might also try to go through the challenges one more time and see if it will go better next time.
Even professional developers need to google the code snippets every day :wink:
Just do not give up and it will get better over time.


Yes, you’re right. HTML and CSS was easy for me. But JavaScript is being more challenging. I look back on my previous JavaScript challenges although I’m studying ECMA or ES6

Feel free to post in the forum if you will have specific problems with some concepts or you can drop me a message.
But it takes more time. When I studied javascript for the first time I have some basic Python knowledge and still it was challenging.

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Oh I see. I will keep moving forward in my learning. Okay. I’d have any questions I will message you. Is that okay for you?

JavaScript IS hard to learn. It’s probably very new and unlike anything you’ve done before.

I strongly encourage you to get through a challenge by looking at a solution as infrequently as possible. There are things that you learn by reading and understanding other people’s code, but it isn’t the same as learning how to solve the problem yourself. Think of it like learning to drive or ride a bike. You can watch someone do it and then figure out the physics of what they did, but that doesn’t teach your body how to control a moving vehicle.


I agree that looking at the solutions should be avoided. The forum is here so that we can give you small hints and you can build up to the answers yourself.

sure, message me anytime :slight_smile:

Thank you my friend.

I feel your pain. For me it has been a frustrating experience learning how to code these past three years. And with every victory of understanding some concept that stymied me earlier just leads me to crash head first into not understanding more advanced concepts. Once you get a handle on how objects works (and the dreaded “this” keyword), you’ll be halfway there. JavaScript objects are so transparent as opposed to strongly-typed languages, that understanding them here opens the door wide open to those other OOP languages (and SQL). So keep it up, do code challenges, and if you’re feeling ambitious take up React, which will quickly up your JS game, and take time to marvel at how far you’ve progressed.

Let’s come back to the number one skill of a coder, it is persistence. This means keep sitting in front of your computer. You will face these bugs, you will do these mistakes, and they will drive you nuts. Most people will naturally give up. But you will stay at all costs! And if you do that, if you embrace all the problems you face as great learning opportunities, you will become a great coder.
P.S. Growth in life is only achieved by making yourself feel uncomfortable!


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