I've hit a React wall and can't figure something out - Markdown

I’ve reached the end of my knowledge here and I’m asking for help. Any help is appreciated.

I have two errors with my code on this project. First, is the Blockquote HTML never appears (But it passes the test, which is weird). Firstly, yes, I ended up using Showdown instead of Marked, which happened as I started googling before reading the entire instructions, and I missed it…

Secondly, I keep getting this error: "The markdown in #editor is not being interpreted correctly and/or rendered into #preview : expected '<p>testing and…</p>' to equal '<p>testing and...</p>'"

Yet, the HTML is rendering in the preview window in the page…

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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Thank you all.

Your markdown parser is automatically converting three full stops to an ellipsis (look at the failing test: the two lines are not the same). Look at the options for the library to see if you can turn off that functionality.

Thanks Dan, appreciate the help. Will try.