JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures needs to explain better


A beginner’s point of view. I can feel stressed in freeCodecamp constantly, and not necessarily because of the difficulty of the topics your difficulty lies in giving incomplete examples in your code.
When you are a beginner you don’t know the terms, and you don’t know the commands either. And the most exciting of learning is the execution of the code in a terminal.
When I copy verbatim the examples in the terminal, they always run without being able to see the output in the terminal. This means that you are missing lines of code to print the results to the screen.

Also in the examples they introduce new lines of code without making the introduction of its operation.

Honestly, it’s not a matter of motivation, delivery, even being lazy. It is that the simple topics complicate them with gaps that for an expert may seem obvious but for a beginner they are important and can take many hours, without necessarily the exercises being difficult.Being a beginner I am correcting in a private file making the improvements of each exercise and I want to send them to you so that you can evaluate them. I want more people to love code and I want to be a really good programmer and work as a team to make our community better.

If you have specific suggestions, you can put them in this thread.

Learning Javascript is hard, and unfortunately there is no way to explain every topic so that it will be instantly understood by all learners. That’s why the forum exists. Whenever you find something you don’t understand (which will happen to every learner), you can come here on the forum, ask questions, and get answers and a discussion specific to your questions!

You don’t want every single line of code vomiting out results into the console, in general. As you work on more and more complex problems, having every single line print out information makes it harder to follow what’s going on. I recommend people insert log statements where they need them, which is going to be different for everyone.

I don’t believe in the existence of ‘simple’ topics when learning how to code :slight_smile: This is hard.

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I did not say that programming is easy, I only say that if we make the initial bases more understandable everything can flow better.

The theme is from 2019 and in 2022 it can be improved not only in the comments and forums but directly in the base content and i would just like to send you my file :// materials-are-too-lengthy-and-it%E2%80%99s-hard-to-keep-focused

I repeat I want to contribute positive things.

Everything is changing in freeCodeCamp, you can see last update on the new curriculum here:


That’s a 404 page, there is nothing there

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if you are talking about javascript when I started as a complete beginner that didn’t touch any code besides ASMBLR and some C in high school, everything was confusing.

After doing the basic algorthims the next topic, objects I think became a breeze.
I think doing algorithms by yourself and researching stuff bumps your skill up a lot.

edit: it sounds like I’m saying there is a shortcut, objects topic were a bit breezy since I was familiar with it, the more you study the more you learn the better you become.
There is no easy route here :slight_smile:

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We have been continuously updating the base content for years now. Again, please post your suggestions here we can see them!

You said there are ‘simple topics’ and I fundamentally disagree with this concept. The concepts are hard. Anyone can learn to code, but no way of teaching can change the fact that its a hard, complicated thing. Unfortunately, there just doesn’t exist some way to explain things that will work for every single learner.

I don’t know if you read Quincy’s response in that Quora article that you tried to link, but it is definitely worth the read! Overall that entire thread has some really great discussion about coding is inherently difficult and how anyone struggles at various points as they learn, through whatever medium or platform.

I think the ‘algorithms’ type practice, either via a course like freeCodeCamp or in practical applications in projects, is critical. That sort of abstract problem solving is the core of what makes coding hard and it takes a lot of practice to develop that skill. Unfortunately, that skill can only be developed by practicing (and failing!) a lot.

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