JavaScript algorithms example?

Other then the basic sorting algorithms , can someone give me some examples in when it one would just advanced algorithms in web app development?

When responding to mouse pointer position or scroll position with animation the math can get fairly complex. The classic eyes that follow your pointer usually employ trig.

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Anytime you have to manipulate data, you are dealing with an algorithm. A lot of it is hidden from us now because we have built in methods like sort and indexOf, but there are times when generic algorithm implementations won’t be ideal. And there will be times when simple arrays won’t be ideal. Yeah, if you’re just dealing with plinky little sites, it won’t matter much, but if you are dealing with large, complex data sets, especially with complex calculations, it can make a big difference in performance. Add to that that many companies will use your ability to come up with a clever algorithm as a way to judge you.

A lot of people like to poo-poo algorithms. And in the beginning they may not seem that important. And depending on where your career goes, they may still not be important. But they are important to a lot of complex code. And they also teach you how to think about problems and how to make things more efficient.

Yes, they can be a pain. But they can also be very useful.

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I am not sure whether you should think about the term “algorithms in web-development”.
If you wanna learn algos there are a lot of site that teach you that.
Recently I stumble upon on this git repo.
Hope it helps.