Javascript array pop() function

const myArray =[[“John”, 23], [“cat”, 2]];

i was ask to make myArray equals [[“John”, 23]];
after using pop() function on myArray .

then make const removedFromArray equals [[“cat”, 2]];

Your code so far
can’t solve this i need help

my code so far:

const myArray= myArray.pop();

const removedfromArray=myArray.pop();

please i need help that code above didn’t pass me am stucked

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Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

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Is this the first time that myArray is declared? If so, then having it on the right of the assignment operator doesn’t make sense. If myArray already exists, then you are redeclaring, which is invalid syntax.

You didn’t link to the correct challenge.
Also please go to your challenge and read the task again. You are calling .pop() twice but according to your explanation, you want it to do two different things with each call → so that can’t work.
Also given how .pop() actually works, you propably only need to call it once.

okay thanks, it has passed me.

A few things:

1- Your array is declared is a const. Therefore, you cannot redeclare it. To pop it, you simply:


2- If you do that, you will remove the last nested array, leaving your original array with nothing but john, 23.

3- That means that when you create a removedFromArray and pop it again… the only thing
it has available to pop is john,23 because you already popped the cat before.
So you are technically popping TWICE.

  • In simpler words, that first pop is unnecessary.

thanks you, i have psssed it.

CONGRATS!!! =) You go!

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