Javascript Array reduce

Hi, i have a Javascript problem:


var arr = [
  ["name", "Stell"],
  ["age", 18],


console.log(arrToObj(arr)); // { name: 'Steel', age: 18 }


function arrToObj(arr) {
  const result = arr.reduce(function (total, item) {
     const key = item[0];
     const value = item[1];
     const newObj = { [key]: value };
     return total.concat(newObj);
  }, [   ]);
  return {...result[0],...result[1]};

why here:

index[0]= name, age
index[1]= Steel, 18

I haven’t flattened the original array yet so:

index[0]=['name', 'Steel']
index[1]=['age', 18]

Which answer is correct?
Please help me explain this topic!

Is this question about a specific fCC challenge? Can you link to a description of the problem?

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I am not understanding your question. You are referencing lines of code that are not present in your function.

Not sure I understand the question but item is each of the nested arrays and item[someIndex] is each element inside the nested arrays.

I assume by index[0] and index[1] you are referring to item[0] and item[1]