JavaScript Based Games


Here are some games I found that revolve around JS.

Tank Battle Game :
I just found this website in which you build a robot ai using their library and then battle with other robot. Just started so im still in the process of making my ai. This looks like its going to be really intresting. :slight_smile:

Elevator Simulator :
Move elevators up and down. Take people to where they need to go. Simple right?
Just one catch. The entire game is controlled in JavaScript.
Its amazing what kinds of elevator simulations people have built with this.’s-Solution-w--Working-Lights!
That is just ONE of the solutions on their github page. :thinking: And I thought MY solution was advanced.

Im thinking about making one too, if nothing else it would be a interesting challenge. If your intrested in coming along for the ride just let me know.

As always Im sure if theirs something I missed my fellow campers will let me know in the comments.

yours truly.

Nice. The CodeCombat game looks pretty neat. A bit slow to get into. *I mean really I know its for kids but… just… get me to the api documentation part already damn. :sleeping:. I’ll atleast finish the first floating island thingy before I decide on weather or not I keep playing.

alsoooo… I’ll check out khans tutorial for processing.js. :slight_smile:


also checkout

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holy cow this thing is awesome. Just finished a few tutorials. Might get the subscription or just buy it on steam. As a gamer and a programmer… perfect.

I found this one today: Empire of Code

It lets you choose between team JavaScript or Python, and to upgrade your resources you have to solve coding challenges.

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There is a similar thread already. You can find more suggestions there. :wink: