Javascript books

Hi there,
I am doing the Javascript course here, but I am finding it difficult to understand the programming logic, can anybody reccomend a good Javascript book to help me understand the logic and more , to help me better understand how it all fits together.
many thanks

Kindly try “You dont know JS by Kyle Simpson”

Is it good for understanding logic and how the code works?
many thanks

I see he has different versions…
maybe this one:

will be a good start?

Yes it does. Try it.

cool, which one would you recommend for a beginner?
the one I stated above??

Its very comprehensive.

Thats great, as I say I see he has many differnt books with the same title and I was trying to find out which one I should get.
many thanks

Oh sorry i didn’t understand . I have the pdf. Is there a way i can send it to you?

You could send me your email.

many thanks :+1:

I have removed email, suggested by admin.

  1. Head First JavaScript is a must for beginners I think + Head First HTML & CSS
  • freeCodeCamp learning
  • finish projects in the book and start a project on fcc
  1. Javascript The Definitive Guide, 7th Edition

Yes I am using FreecodeCamp.
but I find it difficult to understand some of the programming language.

Thank you

ok, so I am stuck between 2 books to help me with my Js, I would like to your vote.

  • You Dont know JS yet

  • Head first JS programming

I appreciate any advice.
I am a beginner learning with FCC, but when it comes to the challenge exercises, i get confused, as I think my understanding of JS isnt very good.
Many thanks

headfirst js is for beginners in programming
you don’t know js looks like it requires at least some basics