Javascript very hard

Hi everyone !

I am here writing this message because I’m think the javascript lessons are very hard . How can I change it ? Are there any books, other websites or anything else that will help me ?

Is Javascript really hard ?

Learning to program is hard. Some of it gets easier as you make progress. Then you’ll hit patches that get harder again.

Theres a series of books called you dont know JS. I also got a lot of help with Colt Steele webdevelopement bootcamp on udemy, give it a look if you can.

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I totally recommend You Don’t Know JS: , read the first 3 chapters thoroughly. I always go over them several times whenever I stumble upon something confusing while coding with javascript.

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Thank you so much.

I will read the books.

I gotta second or third the You don’t know JS books. Plus check out Net Ninja and Traversy Media on You tube.
JS is hard at first you just gotta stick it out till it starts to make sense. Good Luck!!

I like the YDKJS books but think any of them aside from Up & Going and possibly Scope & Closure might be a little bit much for a total beginner. I’ll second the Colt Steele’s Web Dev bootcamp though. Also, practicing easy problems on a challenge website like Codewars can be helpful, eventually you will be able to gradually do harder problems with practice.

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