Need advice for JavaScript

Hi, this week I start learning JavaScript and to be honest it’s giving me a bit headache.
I don’t know from where I have to learn the basics to understand it better.
How I start?
I have to books to read, JavaScript by Jon Duckett and Eloquent JavaScript third edition. I start reading first one but after 100 pages I said is better to find a online course and practice in the same time.

I end up on codecademy and I done 36% from introduction in JavaScript. To be honest is nice there but some things are not explained very well + bugs = make’s me confuse.

I would like advice how to learn and understand better JavaScript, if someone can recommend me a good course which will give me more confidence and good understanding about JavaScript.

I have a bit of knowledge about HTML and CSS but no JavaScript that way I think is a little bit hard to understand at the very beginning. (small project which is not ready

Thank you in advance and I will take in consideration all your advice.
Have a nice day!

as you are here, have you tried freecodecamp?
go at and go to the JavaScript curriculum

or there is the book series You Don’t Know JavaScript, online version is freely consultabile


Hey! I understand your hardwork and confusion on the way to learn Javascript. Specially if Javascript is your first programming language than it may give you a bit hard time. However the only course of curriculum you need to take for javascript basic, is

Freecodecamp’s Javascript Algorith and Data Structure course.

First complete basic javascript and when you stuck some where ask question on forum.
Than when you will move to ES6 ( second chapter )you may find little difficulty to understand one two little changes. But just ask question or google about things you do not understand.

Than Regex chapter will come, which honestly I still google. :smile:

Than there is Basic algorith and Intermediate algorithm chapter, sometimes it took me whole day to complete a single exercise of those chapters. Than god we do not have Advance algorith scripting :smile:
It takes time to understand and start to think in the ways of programming. But being patient and consistent is the key.

You just need to pass this learn and your brain will be trained to think in the way of programming. Go for it and I am damm sure you will enjoy it.

I see that your website UI looks awesome and it will look more elegant when you will add functionaliity to UI with JS. But don’t rush just complete the Javascript course her first than once you learn the language than you should go for learning how to control HTML CSS or so called Dom-Manipulation with Javascript.


Thank you for advice @ilenia and @munaffazlani I thought is something wrong with me. Some exercises takes me long time as well to finish but usually I like problem solving. I start JavaScript Basic here as well 53/100.
If you guys recommend me freecodecamp I will do until I will finish, I just want to be sure I’m on the right way and I learn correct things.

.ieahleen thank you for the book, I just started to read before I post this topic.

If someone can give more advice is very welcome.
Thank you.

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Sometimes I get obsessed with problem solving and really sometime it took me whole day to figure out one algorithm challenge. Even after using tips :smile:
So, don’t be worried about making silly mistakes and not getting obvious answer at some 10-20 tries, it happens. Little comma, space and $ signs will bug you a lot, but that’s just a learning curve. Your brain wil start thinking in programming. You will be an awesome programmer.

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Some challenges are going to be really hard. You are having to learn brand new skills. If you usually like problem solving, then that should help keep you motivated and engaged in the process but learning how to solve problems using code is still brand new.
If you’re working on the same challenge for a long time and you feel stuck, I strongly encourage you to come here to the forum. Most of the people here are pretty good at giving you just a nudge in the right direction so that you can keep moving forward and solve the problem on your own. If you need multiple nudges for the same problem. That’s fine. That’s how we learn.