Javascript Calculator Feedback
The code is a mess but it works :sleeping:
Some feedback and\or testing is highly appreciated!

Some things I’m already aware of:

  • Various lines of code that I repeated (I did it to practice a bit the syntax)
  • How there is a need to scroll in very small devices

I’ll work on these later but :fork_and_knife: comes first. Thanks in advance!

Good job! A few things:

  • You can insert unlimited zeros (00000000001), calculation still works correct
  • 0.1*0.2 = 0.020000000000000004
  • It scales well!

Hi there,
It’s not working for me. If I type a calculation it just displays the equation without a result (i.e. 8 + 8 just displays “8+8”, etc…). No results.
Sidenote: Nice design - I suggest only that you adjust the second field’s height so that when you start typing the calculator doesn’t resize.

Thanks guys! :smiley_cat:

Thanks! I noticed that too when I was testing it, I’m not really sure how to deal with it. I thought that div/p would resize itself but that’s not the case :cry: