Js Calculator Feedback

I put some effort into this one, please let me know what you guys think… Thanks!

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Really good job!

Not sure if I like the shaking effect on clearing the calculator, but the flying numbers and operators are a really nice addition that I had never seen.

There are a few little things:

  • You can add unlimited zeros at the start: 00000000001, calculation works fine
  • 0.1*0.2 returns digit limit exceeded
  • I have a vertical and horizontal scrollbar while the calculator fits perfectly on my screen.

Thank you very much!
I think I managed to fix the things you just pointed out, take look if you want…
Thanks again for taking the time for giving some feedback, it always help to carry on with the curriculum and I also feel my project is more complete now!

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Very nice! Great styling and effects too.

Thanks man! Feedback is the fuel to keep going with this thing. I really appreciated. Thank you again.