JavaScript Calculator Project Feedback Please Give

strong textHello, Everyone!
I made my js calculator project please give feedback on it so to make it more better.
Thank you

Just a few things real quick (I don’t have time to do a complete review).

  • I can barely make out the black text on that blue background. You need more contrast between the two.
  • I can’t use my keyboard at all. You are using <a>s for these but they don’t have an href attribute, so they are taken out of the tab order and thus you can’t get to them with the keyboard. Change them all to <button>s and they will automatically become keyboard accessible. These seem like buttons to me so they should be <button>s.
  • Increasing the text size on these breaks the interface. If you don’t know what I mean, using FF, go to the View->Zoom menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Hold down Ctrl and scroll the middle mouse button to make the text bigger and it won’t take long until you see what I’m seeing.

Thanks, for the honest feedback, I will surely implement the same

I can add more than one decimal point when I input a number.

Yeah, I will surely remove this bug