Review my calculator project

So I’ve been working on this JavaScript calculator for the past 6 days and finally, it’s ready and I’m pretty satisfied with its functionality. Please review my project and give your feedback.

Github repo:
Github page:

  • You’ve got some issues with text size increases. Using Firefox, go to the ‘View->Zoom’ menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Then while holding down the Ctrl key scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size. It won’t take long until you see the issue.
  • While your text size is increased narrow the page and notice that the text in the footer breaks out of the blue container.
  • All of the buttons must have text associated with them. For example, the backspace button has no text (just the font awesome icon). If someone is using a screen reader then the reader will not announce what this button is for because there is no text associated with it. So add “Backspace” inside the <button> and visually hide it (google for how to properly visually hide text).

Thank you so much for your feedback. I’ll definitely consider your suggestions and improve my project.

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