JavaScript Cert Solutions

Why do we have solutions posted for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification projects? We do not post solutions for the other certification projects, and this just seems like a huge academic dishonesty temptation.



Well technically there are the codepen samples with the full code.

But I see your point, that people might be tempted to copy the solutions just like with the codepen samples.

But also, I have seen a lot of people compare their solutions to the guide and see how theirs stacks up.

So maybe that is why they are there

@ieahleen Did an excellent job of book-keeping the required changes: Remove solutions from forum hint articles? · Issue #40472 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

The decision was:
Everything, for the projects, should be the same - no hints, and no explanations. Just a stub with the phrase:

Hints/Solutions are not provided for certification projects as these are intended to be a test of your learning and understanding.

Right, but we already have a lot of people ‘comparing’ their broken, incomplete challenge code to the guide solutions and copying portions to ‘fix’ their code, so I’d assume people do the same with these solutions.

We we want to copy that disclaimer into these five guide post articles?


The main idea is, especially with the new curriculum, we should be guiding Campers as much as possible during the early stages of the curriculum, where it does not even make sense to have a Hints Guide Post, but, instead, encourage Campers to, after all they can on the /learn platform, turn to asking for any extra clarification on the forum.

That is, there should almost be no need for a Camper to open a topic saying “Why does this not work?”, because the test text is sooo direct (spoon-fed - my word) that the only reason a Camper would come to the forum is to ask about details outside of passing a test - the big questions.

EDIT: Also, if you do alter the guide post, please mark off the TODO on the issue.

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I started doing it manually, then there were talks about a script and I stopped - and forgot about it :sweat_smile:


Well, I can’t tick the boxes but I got these 5 covered.

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I’ve noticed that some old posts just don’t show up on the feed. No clue why :man_shrugging: