Javascript certification

I have completed all my javascript projects.
Some of my code submissions were lost even though I had completed them,after yesterdays migration/downtime.
Do I get a certification just based on the projects completion?I was informed that was enough through twitter.

Midhun LC

The certificates are based on completed projects. You can claim a certificate on your settings page.

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I checked under settings page but there wasn’t any link to claim the certificate.

Same here. I don’t see anything about certificate on the setting page.
The interesting thing is, I sign up with a new account, I see the certificate part. After I complete the 5 projects for the “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects”, All certificate part gone.

There is a very strange bug which is causing a small subset of users not to see the certificate sections on their settings page. The last I heard, the team was trying to figure out what was causing it.

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Thank you for the reply! I am trying to get my javascript certificate as well!