Javascript checkers game

Hello everyone here is a project that a made implementing checkers in js, please send me your feedbacks!

I haven’t done this project yet, so take my feedback with a grain of salt:

played one round.
Looks great, but I found it difficult to select pieces (Sometimes). I was having to click multiple times before it would show me the movement options.

I could not play against AI. Also there is no free will to move the pieces where you want. You can only move the pieces where it is programmed to move. So you’re not really playing checkers just moving the pieces around where the program lets you make the one preprogrammed move. It’s a start to something though.

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Game rules:

  • the pieces can only move in forward direction. Otherwise if its a QUEEN then it can move every direction
  • kill moves must do as a priority. This means that if you have a move to kill, any other possible move will not be allowed
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the IA its not able yet

If it isn’t, then disable the button for AI.

I think I played checkers wrong as a kid. You are right that is a rule so the player should not be allowed to make any other move. I played around with it more in light of this rule and it seems to work really well.

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the idea is to show its under development and IA will be allowed very soon as possible!

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