Just finish my Tic Tac Toe App. Need your feedback!

Finish my App with Vanilla JS. I would really appreciate if you point out some bugs. I think there is a lot of redundancy in my code. I would appreciate any suggestion too. Thanks in advanced! Happy coding.
here is the link - http://codepen.io/mikeale03/full/yaRpKy/

Happy to check it out if you post a link

just edited my post…

Looks great! I really like how the winning row grows at the end. Very effective.

The computer’s first turn is slower than the rest, and I believe X is always supposed to go first, but neither of those things are a big deal.

Haven’t found any bugs. AI seems pretty decent.

Good job!

@Tattomoosa thanks a lot! I didn’t know that X is first. :smiley: I set time delay in ai move to mimic a person move and first move is random even number from 0 - 8 which is an index in the move array. I used minimax algorithm in second move and so on and tweak it a little. Ai Should be unbeatable but maybe there is bug.