Please critique my Tic-Tac-Toe game!

Hey guys! So I fnished my Tic-Tac-Toe game! :smiley:
Please please test it out and let me know if there’s any bugs. Here is the link: The one player mode was a bit buggy. Sometimes the computer would win despite having only two slots covered, but it seems to be working just fine now. I might work some more on the AI later on to make it harder to beat. Other than that I would love some feedback on the design. Is the alerts a good idea? Do the alerts’ theme fit the rest of the page? Do you guys like the computer taking some time to make its move (I felt it made it feel more real)? Please let me know.
Thank you so much,

hey man i played fifteen or so rounds. overall very nice. i personally dont see the fun in fully optimized AI in these games. a draw every time…no thanks…i was able to win a few times and draw the rest. i suppose its hard to have an ai that will allow for wins and that can also win itself…assuming the user is not missing an obvious move.

im working on my ttt right now. although i have no concept of minimax at all…anyways… i chose x but o went first initially…traditionally x always goes first…but i did like the alternating turns. also the score keeping was nice add on. and your ai didnt do anything stupid which i cant say about mine.

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Hey Ben! Thanks for checking it out. I get what you’re saying about the AI. It’s pretty point less to play a game if the result is always going to be the same. I might just do it as an optional hard mode to learn to apply minimax anyways. As long as the computer was not too easy to beat and enjoyable to play with I’m happy. :smiley:
Yours is coming along nicely btw. I’m digging the animations and guide characters. :grin: Definitely let me know when it’s finished!