JavaScript Coding Challenge #9

Taking one step further with a medium dificulty challenge. Hope you like it! :smile:

function play(arr){
  var mosse=0;
      arr=arr.slice(0,arr.indexOf(Math.max.apply(null, arr)));
return mosse % 2 ? "Bob" : "Andy";}  

Just found this challenge! Hope my solution is fine (and hope the contest is to write down solutions as well :joy:)

EDIT: I’ve seen your solution and they are pretty similar, almost equal :wink:
The only relevant change:
return (turns % 2 === 0) ? ‘Andy’ : ‘Bob’;

turn%2 is itself a condition -> it return 0 (false) for odd and !=0(true) for even; so you can avoid to repeat a test [===0] and just change places in order to have the right answer: Bob->odd; Andy->even) :slight_smile:

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Very nice @Aloap ! You have a different solution. I hope you enjoyed it! :smiley:

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Nice challenge and nice idea! :slight_smile:

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We also use a different array method.
You’re using slice and I’m using splice :slight_smile:
Also for the while loop, I haven’t used the > 0 condition because if the array is empty. the length is 0 and it evaluates to false.

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Nice one, guys! I had totally forgotten about both the spread operator and splice method. I totally over-killed this one:

function playGame(arr) {
  let sorted_a
  let max
  let moves = 0

  while (arr.length) {
    sorted_a = Array.from(arr).sort( function (a, b) {
      return b<=a

    max = sorted_a.pop()
    arr = arr.slice(0, arr.indexOf(max))

  return (moves % 2 == 0 ? 'ANDY' : 'BOB')

It just proves I should RTFM a bit more (last example mentions the spread operator!).

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