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I am working my way through the ES6 lessons in the JS module and feel as though I am trying to tackle problems that I don’t understand yet. Constructors is baffling me, getters and setters feels like i’m missing something. Should I be tackling these things in a different order? Have I missed something previously that explains these topics? Or is this one of those times where I need to go away and read up on these things and come back later? It feels weird that there were entire lessons dedicated to what + and - do, but constructors and destructuring is just “here it is, figure it out”.



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It can be confusing at first.
So that is completely normal.
Programming with Mosh has a good video on getters and setters

You are going in the correct order.
Some sections will be easier than others.

When I went through it, I remember really struggling with regular expressions.
I had to go through some of those lessons a few times before it finally made sense.
I also looked to outside resources to help with my understanding which is encouraged by freeCodeCamp :grinning:

It is totally normal to be confused at first.
But when it does click for you, you will see how cool destructuring is :grinning:
You can check out these resources for better understanding

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your help. I’ll take a look at those other resources.

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