Javascript! HELP!

So far I have been through half of the basic javascript but I am still not sure what I am on and how I passed the challenges (one at the end of each data types). Help me to cope this confusion. Please. I need it

It will come with time, it’s really quite confusing in the beginning but if you stick with it, it will get better. I would also suggest using other resources besides FCC, there are a lot of resources…too many in fact, but one place i would say to check out is Watch and Code (Practical JavaScript is free).

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Thanks I would check it out. I tried bunch of others by the way but the course was set differently which again created confusion which one should I stick with. One starting from the basics or one which started actually explaining the codes.

A great expansive resource is MDN
Not only does it have pretty great guides, it also is a great reference. So even experienced developers will go to MDN.

as @lasjorg said, using other resources is a good way to re-enforce what FCC is teaching. If you don’t understand something, stop and go out and try to get a better grasp of things. Just like math, you need a good understanding of basic concepts before you move on, as things build upon each other.


My 2 cents - Build something. Make a to-do list, calculator, find something interesting to you and build it. It can be basic and grow as your skills grow. The point is to put what you are learning into practice and to run into issues that make you have to stop and do some research and work to overcome. There are a lot of sites that will give suggestions for projects. Check this one out:

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I agree with @bradtaniguchi.

MDN is your go to for everything JavaScript. Unfortunately, if you are unfamiliar with the language, looking at MDN would probably be overwhelming. But, as you grow throughout the language, you will find that is an invaluable resource.

Speaking for the moment however, take your time when doing the FCC problems. If you don’t understand the problem, read it again. Read it and do it over and over until you grasp it. FCC is pretty good at breaking down the concepts for you. They also have the hint section where you can fine tune those concepts a bit more sometimes.

Lastly, this forum and the community of Campers are here to help. Reach out when you get stuck. Join an FCC group to code along side you and to walk you through something that makes no sense. You’ll get it. It just takes time and practice.

The most important thing is to not give up!

Good luck! :wink:

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Nice insight, thank you for your ‘HELP’. It is motivating to have encouraging and helpful response. Thanks a million.