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I’ve been able to iterate through and pass tests for words with vowels first or consonants in a word. However, I can’t seem to pass the consonants only “rhythm” test.

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function translatePigLatin (str){
   var regex = str.match(/[aeiou]/);
  var firstConst = str.indexOf(regex);
  var anyConst = str.match(/[a-z&&[^aeiou]]/);

if (firstConst > 0 || anyConst == true) {
return str.slice(firstConst || anyConst) + str.slice(0,firstConst || anyConst) + 'ay';
return str + 'way';


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Challenge: Pig Latin

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‘rhythm’ is one “consonant cluster” so it should get ‘ay’ added to the end. But for ‘rhythm’ firstConst is -1 and anyConst is null so your code will add ‘way’ to it instead.

Your problem is here: