Javascript object methods

This is my situation
//The object

var obj = { celToFah: function() {
  var celsiusInn = document.getElementById('celsius-input').value;
  var fahrenheit;
   fahrenheit = (celsiusInn * 9/5) + 32
   document.getElementById('result1').innerHTML = fahrenheit;
 fahToCel: function() {
  var fahrenheitInn = document.getElementById('fahrenheit-input').value;
  var celsius;
  celsius = (fahrenheitInn - 32) * (5/9) 
  document.getElementById('result1').innerHTML = celsius;

//The action

<button onclick="obj.fahToCel()" class="btn btn-primary"> Calc</button>

this code only works when the script in the html page but doesnt work when refrenced from a js file.
please help

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Ok buh do you have any help for my problem ?

If you have your JS code in a separate file, you can’t add an event listener to your button like you’re currently doing. You have to add it within your script file instead:

document.querySelector('button').addEventListener('click', obj.fahToCel)

Need to see more of the code (ie the htmlso can see where in the html you’re referencing the script).

Also the actual error would be helpful: open the browser console and see what the error is when you click that element.

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