Javascript Password Generator

Hi everyone! I made this password generator as a front end project. To generate the passwords I used the getRandomValues() method from the Web Crypto API. What do you think?
Here is the code of the project

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It looks pretty well. Especially I love those buttons (switch on/off). :slight_smile:

What I can suggest you is to make the COPY button disabled when the password is not yet generated. Cause when you enter the app, you can click that COPY button and it will copy nothing to the buffer.

I think you will make user experience a little better if the COPY button will be only enabled only after the password is actually generated.

I didn’t think of that :sweat_smile:. I need to start thinking about user experience when starting a project :grin:.

I made the copy button background gray and disabled when there is no password, I think that would be ok.

Thank you for your feedback. This was my first time posting a project in a community :smile:.