JavaScript Role Playing Game Step 59

Not sure where this really needs to be directed but thought I would start here. I am stuck on step 59 as there are no instructions on what to do in this step. I thought I’d just skip it, but apparently there’s something in this step that needs to be done first before moving on. Can someone suggest what I should try before deleting everything and starting over. If someone were to copy and paste the instructions, would I be able to go to the next step and add the missing step there and be able to proceed? Or is this something I should reach out to support for help? Thanks for any suggestions!!

Clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser, and log back in.

Did that and still have the same issue, no instructions for step 59. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Please show a screenshot of everything you cleared when clearing your browser cache and all cookies.

For some reason the cache and history did not delete. I deleted everything and restarted my pc and all is well now. Thanks for your help!!

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