JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (Udemy)

The course covers in detail a lot of things that beginning JavaScript students never think about, but which are important for truly understanding the language (and which may come up in interviews!). The presenter, Tony Alicea, speaks very slowly and precisely, which helps a lot when trying to absorb new concepts or when English is not a first language. Just having gotten through the first couple sections of the course, I feel I understand JavaScript much better than before. Can’t wait to finish the course!

This course assumes you already have basic JavaScript knowledge (syntax, control structures, etc), so be aware of that.


I loved this course. I learned so much from it.

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Whether you are beginner or intermediate, just buy this course.
It would be one of the best decision of your life.Tony is one of the greatest teacher on planet and all his 3 courses on Udemy are must watch for any frontend/FullStack enginner.


This is a great JavaScript course. :grinning: He explains clearly in this course. I could understand easily. He gets many practical examples to explain matters. :grinning:

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Anthony Alicea is a great teacher. I really like his “aside” moments… when he discusses something tangentially related to the next concept he’s going to teach. You can pick up a lot of new things, or understand concepts more clearly when he injects his “asides” before discussing the next video chapter.

I used his course for Angular 1, learning it, while in the middle of doing an Angular project for a client. I have all 3 of his courses, but only Angular being finished 81% and JS Weird only at 15%. His Node course, I still haven’t started 0%.


His Node course is his best course in my opinion.
You can find lots of good books on Javascript, lots of free good videos online, and same thing for Angular but There are not really good books on Node.Tony teaches Node better than 99.9% books out there.He teaches the internal stuff of Node rather than just API usage or some 2-3 new App(which is important but not before understanding the basics).He gives you a very solid foundation to learn advance stuff ,read online doc and make sense of it on your own.
I am not from Udemy staff, nor I am related to Tony that I get any gain from praising Tony so high. It’s just based on my personal experience of learning Node and Javascript.Tony makes your journey to become a full stack Engineer very easy.


This might be the most helpful thing I ever watched. I had so many ‘A-Ha!’ moments while watching this course that really helped me actually understand what’s going on ‘under the hood’ with Javascript.

If I completed the basic JavaScript section on FCC would that be enough to complete this course?

Sorry I missed this question. Yes, that should be more than enough experience to benefit from the course!