Javascript videos to follow

I am about to start on the javascript because i guess css and html wont be helpful for my intro to comp programming. Are there any videos I can follow if I need help?

If you are new to programming doing a bit of HTML/CSS first isn’t a bad idea. It is a more gentle introduction and will still teach you about syntax and gets your brain used to doing pattern matching.

I think some of the challenges still have help videos but I wouldn’t rely on them too much, they are not being maintained. The freeCodeCamp YouTube channel has tutorial videos but they are unrelated to the challenges.

If you need help there is an ask for help button on the challenges.

Thank you for your help. I am currently working on Javascript now on the website. Do You think this will be good help? I am just trying to do whatever I can before these almost 2 months are up and school starts… I want to get this done with and change my life for the better

Sure, I don’t see why not.

Learning any programming language is part of Computer Science. They all share common patterns and language constructs. A lot of languages are C-like and share much of the same syntax.

JavaScript is a pretty good beginner language for learning.

Hi my friend :sunglasses:

Take a look at these sites :

YouTube Javascript Channel’s.

  1. Dev Ed ( Very good tutorials, very creative person ) .

  2. Ania Kubow ( a lot game tutorials in Javascript , very good ) .

  3. Dcode ( this guy is also a good one ) .

  4. Franks Laboratory ( I have found him a year ago, he is creating games in Javascript, for me is very good ) .

  5. Code Explained ( for me the best tutor for beginners, analyze all steps in logic, after that right the code, for me, the best ) .

6 ) Cs50 ( all lectures are incredible, all tutors are excellent) .

You must decide to take one language, to practice , for instance ( Javascript) , to watch this project ( accidentally I select this)

after that to try to create this , on your own, in your computer, it’s hard at the beginning, but it is the only way to learn to code.

Have patient, consistent, and never give up :sunglasses:

This is where I started:

And it comes with a fCC-course too :smiley:

So I watched and followed the course simultaneously - only having Beau Carnes actually sitting next to you might be better…

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