Job after freecodecamp

For those who got a job after FreeCodeCamp, my question is how in the world did you do it?? I have been applying and it seems like companies still want employees with at least 3-4 years experience. I don’t see how some people are getting jobs only after 6 months. What’s the secret?

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Except for having some projects to show, I think a crucial part for getting a junior dev job is to meet the right people. There are companies that only want developers who can work immediately; but somewhere out there, there’s still companies that are willing and prepared to take junior developers. You just gotta find your folks!

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Essentially learning how to code is only half the work. Finding a job is an entire different beast altogether.

Cold application is probably the least effective method. You often have to seek out existing networks or build your own through a lot meeting/conversations/persistent communication to really get a fair shot and feedback. Some people are lucky enough to get an opportunity without a ton of legwork, but probably not often the case. Just starting out with no experience, it’s not unusual to get only 1 or 2 replies per 50/100 applications especially if you don’t have some eye catching stuff on your resume

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Yes I agree, the job searching process is a beast.Yea it seems like I really have to step out of my bounds and find the right connections or I’ll be jobless forever lol I might hit up some old community college resources, that might help.

One my my friends from a boot camp did nonstop networking and meet ups.

I just did Indeed, filtered by “junior” in the title. Wrote cover letters and direct e-mailed employees.

It takes a bit of luck as well. Obviously your resume, portfolio, GitHub, and LinkedIn should all be in tip top shape. Being willing to relocate drastically increases the number of jobs you can apply to.